Our gaming section has expanded to include two Magic: the Gathering booster draft tournaments, a video game tournament, table-top demos, includes free to play board games provided by The Wyvern’s Tale, and for the first time this year, a live-action vampire-themed party game with prize support.



This year at ACE, we are excited to offer Magic: the Gathering booster draft tournaments.  There will be 2 booster drafts, each with only 8 spots.  Sign up for the first draft will begin at 11:30am and the fun will get underway once we have 8 competitors.  We will begin sign up for the second draft at 1:00pm. If we do not reach 8 players by 2:00pm, time will not allow for the competition.  Cost of entry is $15 dollars, cash only.  For your entry, you will receive 3 Magic: the Gathering packs from the set Magic Origins with a chance to win more Magic Origins packs.  All participants will receive a complimentary gaming kit that includes: protective sleeves for their newly built deck, a deck box to store their extra cards in, a spin down 20-sided die, paper and a pen.

Not sure what a booster draft is? Follow this link for an easy to understand explanation. .

Not sure how to play Magic: the Gathering? Here is a basic over view of how things work.

Our friendly tournament organizer will be on hand for any further questions you might have throughout the process. We are looking forward to seeing everyone come out for an excellent day of comics, cosplay, and gaming.


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Sign up at the convention! Free play games will also be available.



We know you’ve played it. It may have many names, but one thing remains the same: anyone could be out to get you.  Whether you’ve played it as Mafia, Werewolf, or Vampire (or some even more fun and creative name) were bringing this live-action party game to Asheville Comic Expo this year!  Of course, since it’s ACE were going to have a bit more fun with it.  Each round after the game has been played the players will be given raffle tickets for their names to be chosen for prizes at the end of the day.  In addition, there will also be a vote for best overall player (technical) and best overall player (roleplay) and these people will get an extra raffle ticket, the key here is to get the votes of your enemies. All game specific rules will be described before play begins and the game will start as soon as we have collected eleven people and will be run continuously throughout the day.  We hope to have a lot of fun so bring your friends and your friend’s friends to this fun and paranoia-packed time at ACE.


These game demos will be running throughout the day!



Smokingames presents Chessgammon!

Chessgammon is a fusion of two of the most classic board games ever created, combining Chess-like strategy with Backgammon-like chance!

Chessgammon is played on a standard Backgammon board using Chess pieces rather than standard Backgammon pieces. As in Chess, Chessgammon pieces have unique special abilities which provide a new dimension of strategy to the traditional game of Backgammon.

Terminus Gate

Spider Monkey Games will be running demonstrations of their tabletop game, Terminus Gate, for the entire day of the Expo.

Terminus Gate is a gritty, brutal miniatures game pitting rival privateer crews against each other as they attempt to fulfill their contracts.  You are the captain of a space-faring privateer crew, contracting your services where you can in the vast outer systems.  Armed with some fresh recruits, you will ply your trade across the stars, picking up contracts ranging from planetary exploration to deep space salvage, policing actions to hit-and-run raids.  As they survive each job, your crewmen will gain experience, granting them new abilities and opportunities to develop in their professions.

In the depths of space, opportunities and dangers abound.  Dark and terrible enemies poise ready to foil your crew at every turn.  Life as a privateer is a dangerous affair with injuries and even death awaiting your crew as they quest for fame and fortune amongst the stars.

Spider Monkey Games is a growing games company dedicated to producing amazing table-top games and dynamic miniatures to go with them. Visit to find out more.



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