Asheville Comic Expo Hiatus

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the hiatus of the Asheville Comic Expo.

A.C.E has been a part of or lives for four years and, although we have only gotten bigger and better with each yearly show, the time has come to accept the fact that we can no longer grow A.C.E in the facilities available to us. Despite having such a great location in the heart of downtown, the size of the convention has become severely limited by the surrounding construction and the changing focus of the city.

Asheville is home to a fantastic and diverse nerd community, one that we see every day at Comic Envy. We regret that, for now, we will no longer be able to put on an annual convention that will celebrate that community and the amazing creative talent that only a town like Asheville can produce.

We are looking forward to hosting a great series of events at Comic Envy this year, and promise that the void left by the hiatus of A.C.E. will not go unfilled. Starting with Free Comic Book Day we will be packing 2016 with guest signings, movie premieres and other special events sure to delight and entertain.

We would like to thank our hard-working staff and volunteers for all of the work they have put in over the years. Thank to our special guests, our artists, our vendors and most of all, our attendees.

This is not a goodbye from the Asheville Comic Expo, this is a see you later.

Thank you for everything!

Darrin and the A.C.E crew